Comprehensive Guide to Canadian Passport Photo Requirements

Canadian Passport Photo Requirements
You Canadian Passport Photo MUST be Stamped and Dated by a professional photography studio
Canadian Passport Photos
Canadian Passport Photos

When preparing for a Canadian passport application, the importance of an accurate and compliant passport photo cannot be overstated. JH Photographers specializes in capturing passport photos that meet every criterion set forth by Canadian authorities, ensuring a hassle-free application process.

Canadian Passport Photo Requirements

To avoid any complications with your passport application, it’s essential to understand and adhere to the specific photo requirements:

  • Size and Composition: The ideal photo size is 50×70 mm, capturing your face from the top of your hair to the bottom of your chin at precisely 35 mm. JH Photographers are experts at ensuring your eyes are positioned correctly, open and facing the camera​.
  • Neutral Expression: A neutral facial expression is critical, with your mouth closed and no smiling. This guideline aims to facilitate facial recognition technology. JH Photographers will guide you through the process, ensuring your head is centered and facing forward for a perfect shot​.
  • Background and Lighting: The photo must have a plain white or light-coloured background, free from shadows or patterns. This is where JH Photographers’ professional setup shines, providing uniform lighting that highlights your natural appearance without casting any shadows​ (
  • Appropriate Attire: Daily wear is recommended for your passport photo. Special considerations are taken for religious or medical head coverings, provided they do not obscure the face. JH Photographers will advise you on the best attire to meet these standards while ensuring comfort and compliance​ (​​​.

Special Considerations

For individuals with special requirements, such as wheelchair users or children, JH Photographers offer tailored services to ensure compliance without compromising comfort or convenience. Their experience with various client needs guarantees that every photo meets the rigorous standards for Canadian passport photos (​​.

Submission Guidelines

Applicants are typically required to submit two identical and unaltered photos, with one needing the signature of a guarantor. JH Photographers can assist with this process, ensuring every detail is correctly handled for a smooth submission​ (​​​.


With JH Photographers, you’re not just getting a passport photo; you’re ensuring that every detail aligns with Canadian passport photo requirements. Their professional guidance and expertise make them an invaluable asset in your passport application process, helping avoid delays and rejections due to non-compliant photos.

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